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eflatun ono, Gokceada, childrens library, cocuk kutuphanesi
Real-life Project

UNDP Collaboration

Book Wall Rotunda is small public library designed for children in Gökçeada island. The oval shape of the design is inspired from small gathering hubs from hunter-gatherer era.  Although, one of the main requirements was the light structure, I combined simple and useful elements in the construction. After several feedbacks, we concluded that the book shelves can be structure itself, so I designed the oval shaped bookshelf that supports the light membrane roof. As consequence, the whole design facilitates the gathering and the structure is so light that can be disassembled. Fulfilled every requirements that UNDP wanted. In construction, however, the roof design has not reflected in real life. It is constructed as a normal wooden roof.

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Role / 

Designer, Architect


Colaborator / 

OSA, UNDP Turkey


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