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eflatun ono, microcosm of a future city
Masters Diploma Project

Microcosm of
a Future City

We live in a world of capitalism with an absolute hierarchy dominated by the existence of petroleum. But as petroleum runs out, energy options are increasing, and the economy, power, technology and cities are beginning to have lateral relationships. This phenomenon is called lateralization. When lateralization begins, human life changes, and the constant flow line from home to work begins to disappear, and human society becomes a product-based life. Product-based life means that people of various professions become self-employed, produce and sell their own products, and there is also the potential for lateral associationism that creates collaboration between fields. What kind of architecture do we need in the face of these signs of a new era? The experiment will be conducted in Istanbul, Turkey, a country where many young people will play a leading role in the future, where races, cultures and industries are diversifying and the creative industries are riding the wave.

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Architecture student

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Round table award


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